This academic year, we rebranded our flagship program from ‘QuizShala’ to ‘QShala’.
Our kids questioned – ‘What does the Q stand for?’ In response, we boomeranged the question and asked them what they thought the ‘Q’ meant. Some of the answers we received were ‘quizzing’, ‘questioning’, ‘quests’, and strangely, ‘queer’!
They weren’t far off! The QShala experience encapsulates ‘Quizzing’, ‘Questions’, ‘Quests’ and ‘Quriosity’.
Our re-branded logo stems from an interesting Greek fable. Theseus, the mythical king and founder of Athens, famously made his way out of the fearsome Minotaur’s labyrinth by unspooling a ball of yarn to retrace his steps. In Middle English, such a ball of yarn was termed ‘clew’. Over time, this term has become ‘clue’, meaning something that leads one to a solution.
Through engaging content, the QShala program enables children to go on a mental quest, driven by quriosity. Since inception, elements like story-telling, field trips, and workshop activities have structured our program to be distinct in its approach to learning. These elements are based on learning about the world in a fun manner. From dispelling stereotypes to differentiating between a simile and metaphor through a fun activity, these experiences help children learn and think from a broader perspective.
Throughout the QShala program, every student’s progress is tracked and reported. A month ago, we released a QShala mobile application, which works on a similar line of positive, holistic learning, influencing daily interaction between parents and children. Come, join us as we celebrate Questions, Quests and Quriosity!

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Deepika Mohan

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