Aishwarya works with content, helping create and conduct quizzes. An alumna of NMKRV, Bangalore, she believes God exists – and His name is Cho Ramaswamy. With interests ranging from politics to pop culture, and books to Benedict Cumberbatch, Aishwarya is as passionate about quizzing, as she is scared of Reddit fandoms; she believes them to be a rabbit hole and herself to be Alice. An LOTR nerd with a Wonder Woman-esque sense of justice, she can only be placated by chocolates and cheesecakes. When consuming current affairs, Marvel movies or business news, you will find her trying her hardest to convince people that she would make a perfect hobbit. Aishwarya secretly hopes to be The Doctor’s companion, if not the next Doctor herself; though this is a secret she has only shared with her secret diary.