Mr. Kalyan Banerjee is co-creating Klorofeel and Sakhi Scholars, both focused on education for the under-privileged through nurturing Curiosity and Aspiration. Prior to this, he has been Pro-Vice Chancellor at Centurion University. Mr. Kalyan experiments on education beyond the conventional classroom, with diverse methods that include Projects, Quizzing, Near-Peer learning and off-classroom learning events that involve intense engagement. As a computer engineer, Mr. Kalyan worked primarily on operating systems and UNIX kernel while at Wipro’s R&D, part of the dream team that designed India’s best-selling computer systems of the 80s. In 1994, they architected “Wipro University”, effectively transforming unemployed engineers for a career in systems software. Later, as part of MindTree’s founding team, he conceived the Knowledge Management, Culture and Competence and Leadership Development initiatives. Mr. Kalyan loves systems thinking, and making sense of out of diverse signals. He enjoys mentoring young professionals on Purpose, Conflicts, and Innovation. He studied at IIT Delhi (1979-84), and IIT Kanpur (1984-86).