Sachin did his schooling at National Public School, Indiranagar in Bangalore and graduated with degrees in law and business from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. After finishing a stint as a legal manager at ICICI in Hyderabad, he realized he’s better off asking/framing questions, rather than drafting agreements for a living.

Along with college-mate and founding-partner at Walnut, Raghav, Sachin has been successful in a number of quizzes that has seen them win a week-long stay at Sweden, among other things. Sachin also currently happens to be the only quizzer to have emerged victorious in both the National (2012) and International (2013) finals of Tata Crucible campus quiz.

He is eternally grateful to his family for igniting his interest in quizzing, right from his grandmother who maintained clippings of Hindu Young World quiz columns for his diary, to his uncle who gifted him copies of Encarta 1996 and World Book 2002. Currently at Walnut, he is looking to counter the cliché and is working on converting his passion/hobby for all-things-quizzing into a profession.


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Qurious Talks 10 daysOctober 28, 2018