Hello Reader!
My name is Anuj, and I am currently interning with Walnut Knowledge Solutions, and I was asked to write a small blog post because the new website is “a bit boring and empty”, so here it is.
I have always loved quizzing and technology, but being a 12th grade student until a month ago, I was living the typical student life of slogging for one exam after the other. When I got the offer to intern with Walnuts, I immediately took it up, because I realized that after about two years of having to study, I was going to go two months without having anything to do. An internship seemed right up my alley, and since I had always loved quizzing, this seemed perfect.
My internship requirement was more about filling a weekly quota in the start, as opposed to showing up every day to an office.  Naturally the first time I actually went to the office, I was a bit nervous, primarily because I’m not a very “formal” person. I crack my fair share of bad/inappropriate jokes, and I really don’t think I would do very well in a formal, suit-and-tie workplace.
Thankfully, Walnut is the complete opposite. Pretty much within 10 minutes of me walking in, I heard someone swear in the background and I thought to myself “phew, I’ll be fine here”. As I glanced around, I saw exactly what I had hoped to see- Enthusiasm and passion. It didn’t feel like a corporate business or anything like that, it felt like a place where people could do what they were passionate about, have fun, and spread the fun!
Initially, I was brought on to help with ‘content creation’, and was asked to create quizzes on a weekly basis. I thought that it would be easy, but finding information and creating a question that meets the holy trifecta of interesting, informative and interactive, was way harder than I had imagined. A week or so after I started, I was talking to Sachin about whether they had considered automating the process of making quizzes, or keeping track of scores. Next thing you know, I began work on a new project to help archive questions, and create a database we could store questions and create quizzes from. Again, I said to myself “hey it can’t be that hard”, and again I was extremely wrong. The project is still in the works, but I’m immensely satisfied with the fact that I managed to create something which both has a purpose and actually works (most of the time).  My sincere thanks to StackOverflow and every programmer who had to program PowerPoint macros and ranted about VB online. This would not have been possible without you guys.
Thanks to everything I learnt working with Walnut, I now have a newfound appreciation for good quizzes (and even quizzing in general). I’ve learnt about new software, learnt a new programing language altogether and honed my skills in another one. I’ve also learned that there’s always more to learn, that bugs will show up only when you start the demo, and that the best way to solve your problems (and create your questions!) is through smart googling. Most importantly, however I’ve learnt that as long as you enjoy what you do, “work” can be quite fun!
Thanks for reading and happy quizzing!

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  1. Pranav R

    Hey Anuj, as a fellow worker at Walnut(Chennai), I concur with your analysis of the workplace and the fun you get when you’re passionate about what you’re doing. Walnut has been a great company to work for, for me, and I hope to meet you the next time I come to the office. The database/scoring system sounds great, and I hope to see it in use sometime soon. Cheers!

  2. Rajesh Dhume

    Well done anuj…a.peek into corporate life and work culture…way to go buddy

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