• Developmental workshops that use quizzing, storytelling & audio-visual content to engage kids of all ages.
  • Inculcates curiosity, inquisitiveness, effective communication and sound decision-making.
  • Develops reading, listening, speaking and presentation skills.
  • Teaches children to think independently and form their own opinions.
  • Makes use of contextual clues to let kids to infer & work out the right answer.
  • Successfully operating in a number of reputed schools across Bangalore & Chennai for the last 3 years.
*Logo created by Satvik, a QuizShala participant from Kumarans


We have been conducting QuizShala successfully in a number of reputed schools across Bangalore for the past 3 years – and the response has been tremendous! In fact, we have even been requested to conduct our QuizShala workshop again, in every school that we have visited so far.
Our workshops are geared towards grounding the participants with a strong streak of curiosity, enabling them to make well-informed decisions in today’s fast paced world. 
With a wide variety of extra curricular content, we ensure that the kids develop a sense of awareness, which is vital in our increasingly global society. This does not mean just trivia, however. All our content has been carefully chosen to provide extra context to the curriculum infrastructure already in place – allowing the kids to draw inferences and connect the dots together.
Here are a few schools we are currently working with:
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  • Developmental workshops that engage children from all ends of the spectrum
  • First Outreach program was kicked off in Immadihalli High School, in partnership with the Teach For India fellowship
  • Outreach program builds curiosity & teaches children to think independently and form their own opinions
  • Content featured aims to build on their existing curriculum and increase exposure to the world around them
  • Workshops taught in prevalent vernacular language
Our Outreach workshops follow the QuizShala philosophy of curiosity and independent thinking, but are tweaked accordingly to accommodate the participating children. For example, our content is chosen to provide the children with increased exposure to the world around them, along with extra content that builds upon their existing curriculum and their perspective of the world – and all this in the prevalent vernacular language! This allows for a fun-filled and relevant session that mentally stimulates and engages the children effectively.
A few of our Outreach Partners are:
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  • Long heritage of conducting fun, interesting and relevant quizzes (since 2011).
  • Quizzes conducted at IITs, IIMs & several other venues.
  • Topics have ranged from LGBT rights to Antarctica.
  • Only company to have hosted quizzes in 5 continents.
  • Go-to of choice for the majority of fests in the country like Mood Indigo (IIT-Bombay), Tryst (IIT-Delhi), Vista (IIM-Bangalore), Symbhav (Symbiosis Law School-Pune), Springfest (IIT-Kharagpur), etc.


  • Conceptualized and conducted nationwide & state-wide knowledge properties for several clients.
  • Engaged over 12,000 students across Karnataka through Prajavani Quiz Championship.
  • Engaged employees from over 300 companies across the Ascendas technology parks through the Ascendas BizQuiz.
  • Engaged over 1,000 college students across India through ConQuest.
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Since it’s inception, Walnut has quickly made itself a leader in the quizzing space, and has become the go-to of choice for the majority of fests in the country. A few of the fests under our belt include Mood Indigo (IIT-Bombay), Tryst (IIT-Delhi), Vista (IIM-Bangalore), Symbhav (Symbiosis Law School-Pune), and Springfest (IIT-Kharagpur), among many others.
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  • A comprehensive, custom corporate program that engages employees.
  • Offers solutions to address issues like non-holistic problem solving and poor awareness of company products, services, facilities and roles.
  • Helps employees build relationships with their co-workers and teammates.
  • Program variously described as innovative, informative and engaging.
  • Designed to captivate and educate audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
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  • Custom content development for a host of topics (no matter how obsure).
  • Content is relevant, engaging, user-friendly and well-researched.
  • Content can be delivered in a host of formats, including YouTube videos.
  • Content has been created for MasterChef Corporate Cook Off, Tata Administrative Services and Extentia.
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Here is some of the content that we have created:
We also curate a fortnightly quiz column in The Hindu, called KnowlEDGE. Click here to check it out!
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Crucible Chronicles (cruciblechronicles.com) is the leading portal for all things Tata Crucible, the business quiz conducted by the Tata Group for college students and corporates. The portal was started as a tribute to the 10th edition of the quiz back in 2014 and has continued to run till date. The portal carries updates, questions, and reviews that are submitted by Crucible enthusiasts from the cities in which Tata Crucible is conducted in every year. Visit the site here.