At the end of every intern’s journey, a long-standing tradition at Walnut has been for him or her to conduct a full-fledged quiz for the rest of the team. This way, a content intern goes through the entire conceptualization process of a quiz – right from creating content to conducting a quiz!
This also has another lesser-known benefit. While we constantly strive to innovate in our quizzes, it is all too easy to do things as they have always been done. Our interns, then, are like a breath of fresh air. While conducting his final quiz for us, Anuj Tambwekar sprung a surprise – a brand new type of quiz round! Right from its clickbaity title to its implementation, we were immediately hooked.
Termed the ‘Anti-Buzzer’ round, this round takes all established notions of quizzing and throws them out the window. As Raghav would say, “Just as it is good to know things, it is equally important to know what you don’t know.” – and the Anti Buzzer Round rewards just that.
Very simply put, in this round, you buzz when you DON’T know the answer! How it works, is that the first team to buzz is safe – they neither get points nor do they receive negatives. The rest of the teams, however, face a far more challenging proposition. They are then forced to give an answer, receiving bonus points if they are correct, and negatives if they are wrong!
Doesn’t seem that challenging? Well, the real fun lies in the point structuring of the round, and the framing of the question itself. It is vital that the question is framed in such a manner as to appear daunting at first glance, prompting teams to reach for the (anti) buzzer, while closer inspection reveals that the answer is actually something fairly well known. This puts the unsure team in a conundrum – save yourself and maintain your status quo, or try to figure out the question – in which case, they either successfully answer to receive a huge point bonus, or fail and receive a point penalty.
We had a great time playing this round – people would buzz, expressions relieved – only for the relief to turn into a groan as they realized that they knew the answer! In fact, we were so enthused by this round, that we have already implemented it into some of our quizzes – to resounding success. The teams loved the new strategy it brings into play, while the audience enjoys the comic relief (usually at the expense of the (anti) buzzing team).
We’d like to thank Anuj for his ingenuity in creating a new quiz round – this format will likely soon be picked up by others in the quizzing circuit. We’re sure that this creativity will serve him well in his career.
It seems like the Anti Buzzer is here to stay, then. Want to see it in action? Come visit a Walnut quiz!

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