It’s nearing the end of the academic year, and what a year it has been! We’ve successfully wrapped up the last field trip in March, much to the delight of hundreds of our QuizShala participants. This year, we decided to shake things up a bit and introduce a bunch of new field trips for the kids. Some of the new partnerships we formed were with Clay Station, Prani Pet Sanctuary, Arundhati Foundation & Positive Strokes, and Bengaluru By Foot, apart from the previous stellar partnerships we’ve had.
Our nature walks were curated to showcase both the heritage and diversity of the lung spaces in Bengaluru, as well as bring the children up close to the magnificent symmetry and efficiency of nature. The kids thoroughly enjoyed being told the origins of the various lung spaces identifying different species of trees, following the busy lives of insects, and much more!
The visits to government institutions such as the MEG base and the Traffic Management Centre proved to be both fascinating and enlightening for the kids. Usually not accessible to citizens, these trips provided a great deal of insight into the inner machinery of what we normally see as a cold and uncaring institution.
The heritage walks provided participants a lively history lesson, without the dullness usually attached to the topic of history. Living in the urban jungle that Bangalore now is, it is easy to forget the rich history of the city amidst the glitz of the IT industry. Nevertheless, our kids quickly found that the city’s legacy still remains, as long as one is looking in the right place!
While our field trips are usually an informative experience for the participants, this year we decided to experiment with a more hands-on approach to the field trip. The workshop at Clay Station turned out to a great experience for both the facilitators and the children – at the end of the session, there were clay stained hands and smiles all around! Our other hands-on field trip at Prani Pet Sanctuary also turned out to be a great hit – the children loved interacting with various birds, farm animals, and even rodents! The kids reported feeling a heightened sense of connection with nature, hopefully translating into a lifelong love for the natural world around us. The cooking session organized at Something’s Cooking Studio was also a great hit, with kids having a ball as they worked up an appetite preparing themselves a meal.
All in all, it’s been a great learning experience, both for us and the kids. In fact, we believe we have learned just as much as they have! What’s the most important thing we’ve learned, you ask? Work can sometimes actually be play!

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